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Ogives Content Management System - Sri Lanka

Do you want to frequently update or change the content, information and images of your website after launching it?

We found out that our customers often required to update the details of their Products and services, Price Lists, News and Events, Portfolio and Photo Gallery etc in their websites. This requires third party involvement, waiting time and an additional maintenance cost on your website.


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The cost of updating or maintaining a website is often a neglected or a forgotten expenditure. But this cost is as important as the onetime payment made for the development of the website. We are of the opinion that you should not be burdened with the cost of running your website once it is up in the cyber space.

As a solution to this much inconvenient states of affairs we recommend Ogives Content Management System which is our own system different from Open Source Content Management Systems. Our system is very much user friendly and facilitated with an Easy Updating process.

We can quickly and easily launch your website with our Ogives Content Management System to make it easy and enjoyable for you to maintain your website by yourself while reducing your cost of maintenance. You are not required to have sophisticated programming skills and much training on how to update your own website. We have made it easy and quick just as if you are sending an e-mail. All the changes you make will be instantly visible in your website to generate a competitive edge for your business in contrast to many others of the industry.

We invite you to experience the convenience of the Ogives Content Management System to upgrade your business via your web presence.

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